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As the founder and Manager of  The Biotech Forum, I invite you to sign up and see why this investment service has the second highest subscribers on the Marketplace on Seeking Alpha.​ I will personally respond to questions on the biotech sector and portfolio management. 

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The Biotech Forum provides investors with insight and research into my very profitable investment strategy in the biotech space. Maintaining a portfolio of 15 attractive small cap biotech stocks and five more heavily weighted large cap concerns creating a balanced portfolio geared to provide outstanding performance over time. And in a very short time, The Biotech Forum has delivered substantial outperformance compared to its benchmark and is highly ranked by our subscribers.

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Fellow Investor,

The biotech sector has consistently outperformed the overall stock market over the past half-decade. An increase in the amount of healthcare spending allocated to drugs, exiting new areas of drug development and robust M&A activity levels have produced stellar performance from the biotech sector.  The Biotech Forum offers compelling research for stock market investing in this lucrative sector.

When it comes to investing in biotechs, I believe it is important to be diversified across this volatile and speculative area of the market. Taking small stakes in a variety of promising but speculative concerns is a strategy which I have used for years and has worked very well. 

“Strike-outs” are inevitable as drug discovery is a complex endeavor and most trials end in failure, however, just a couple of “grand slams” should lead to 
outstanding overall performance in your portfolio over time.

This speculative space in the biotech arena should be balanced. A diversified portfolio with more heavily weighted large-cap growth names with long-term earnings visibility selling at reasonable valuations like Gilead Sciences (GILD) and Celgene (CELG), a couple winners that have returned profits within my diversified portfolio. 

It is this well-thought-out investing strategy that even with an acceptable amount of volatility has led to exceptional overall performance.

I have personally benefitted from this strong performance in the biotech sector. My analysis of these hot biotech stocks over the past few years has resulted in substantial growth and created profits in my own portfolio. 

Biotech stocks I have identified include several ten-baggers like Novavax (NVAX) and Horizon Pharma (HZNP), several five baggers or better like Eagle Pharmaceuticals (EGRX) and ZELTIQ Aesthetics (ZLTQ) as well as dozens of small biotechs that have doubled or tripled such as Agenus (AGEN) and Synergy Pharmaceuticals (SGYP).

I have written and shared these profitable investment ideas with my nearly 22,000 followers on Seeking Alpha and for Real Money Pro as a Daily Contributor.